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What are some traps on the TEAS reading section?

I did the suggested notecards for the: topic, main idea, and summary, but I’m having difficulty locating the three “traps”. I found one (below). Could you help me out with these?
“Usually, you put the thesis statement as the last sentence of your intro paragraph – as your essay’s main idea… NOT on the TEAS!”

Great question! These traps are one of the trickiest areas on the entire TEAS, so I’m glad to see that you are working on understanding them better!

When you write an essay for a college class, your professor often grades you on how well you format your argument in the essay. This often means that you have a thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph and again, restated, at the start of the conclusion.
Now, on the TEAS, the essays you will see might not be “standard.”

TEAS passages might follow some aspects of a standard essay, but the essay might be a little messed up on purpose. For example, the first paragraph might not have a thesis…. or the last paragraph might have an inaccurate summary. If you look at places where a thesis statement “should” be, the TEAS might purposely have an incorrect or misleading statement instead. Perhaps, for example, they put in a supporting detail instead of the main idea.

The TEAS will mess up the passages a bit to make it harder on you. They want you to think critically, look at the overall passage, and often find the “best” answer, which might require some inference on your part. If the TEAS passages were in a college class, they likely would earn a B or C grade for following the standard format. They are designed to be tricky and, sometimes, a little unorganized.

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