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Prenursing Smarter's online TEAS prep course is built by an experienced college educator to work for busy students like you.

  • Multimedia lessons keep you on track
  • 1000 + Practice Questions - No Retake Limits
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and structure your studying
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Scored in the 91st Percentile

Emily, Prenursing Smarter Student

Emily had taken the TEAS six times before enrolling in Prenursing Smarter. She used the program to help her identify better ways to study.

"Thank you for all of your help. Today I woke up to take my TEAS test exam for the 7th time this past year. I finally got into the 80s and moved from proficient level to advanced! I cried my eyes out.

I couldn't have made it in the 80s without your help and your tips. I'm so happy to be eligible and I'm so grateful for your help and your program." 

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All Sections of the TEAS Covered

teas reading online lessons

TEAS Reading

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anatomy and physiology teas online lessons

TEAS Anatomy & Physiology

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TEAS Life and Physical Sciences

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TEAS English

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+ TEAS Practice Tests!

30-Day Access

$ 99

1 Month of TEAS Prep

  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • 2 TEAS practice tests
  • 15+ hours multimedia lessons
  • Printable workbooks & flashcards
  • Renewal discount
60-Day Access

$ 139

2 Months of TEAS Prep

$198 SAVE $59

  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • 2 TEAS practice tests
  • 15+ hours multimedia lessons
  • Printable workbooks & flashcards
  • Renewal discount
120-Day Access

$ 199

4 Months of TEAS Prep

$396 SAVE $197

  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • 2 TEAS practice tests
  • 15+ hours multimedia lessons
  • Printable workbooks & flashcards
  • Renewal discount
1 Year - Best Value

$ 329

365-Day Enrollment

Grab a full year's access at once and save.

  • 1000+ Practice Questions
  • 2 TEAS practice tests
  • 15+ hours multimedia lessons
  • Printable workbooks & flashcards
  • Renewal discount
Renewals Available to Enrolled Students Only

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Check your Student Dashboard's Bonus Content --> Extension section!

  • 7-day renewal
  • 15-day renewal
  • 30-day renewal
  • 90-day renewal
  • And more!

Strategy customized to the TEAS exam's structure

Learn what you need to know to succeed on the TEAS exam.

✔ Specific strategies to save you time on specific TEAS-style questions.

✔ Complete breakdown of scored questions for every section.

✔ Tips on recognizing questions that are likely NOT scored... which means you can skip the studying.

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Workbooks, flashcards, and 1000+ practice questions

Prepare for the TEAS test so that all the info sticks on test day.

✔ Enjoy access to two complete TEAS practice tests that you can re-take any time you are enrolled.

✔ Work through hundreds of ATI TEAS practice questions and get instant feedback on your answers.

✔ Use downloadable TEAS test study guides to work through practice questions even when you are offline. 

Customize Your TEAS Exam Study Plan

Stop feeling overwhelmed and use TEAS test prep to keep you on track.

✔ Create an interactive, flexible study plan to help you prep at the right pace--or use our checklists and step-by-step lessons.

✔ Study on your lunch break, in the car, or on the go with 15+ hours of video and audio lessons covering the most important TEAS Anatomy & Physiology concepts.

✔ Stay on track between study sessions - the program will remember exactly where you left off. 

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"I finally made my goal!"

Diamond - Prenursing Smarter Student

"I have taken the TEAS so many times, and I finally made my goal!!! If it wasn't for Prenursing Smarter, I wouldn't be here today.

On Monday I got accepted to the nursing program, and they were the program that is so strict on the test, and I finally got in."

"I got into both nursing programs! It’s been several months since I took the TEAS after using your program to prepare. I’m happy to say that I was accepted to both of the programs for which I applied. :) Now all I need to do is decide which one to go to. 

Without your program, I know I wouldn’t have been so well prepared for the TEAS. I really really enjoyed your audios and videos. I listened in the car everywhere I went; my two and three year old actually learned to speak some medical jargon just by being a passenger."

"I got into both nursing programs!"

Gina - Prenursing Smarter Student

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"The biggest improvement I saw was in the English section.

I went from 54% to 75%."

Ana - Prenursing Smarter Student

"I ended up with a score of 84%!! The biggest improvement I saw was in the English section. I went from 54% to 75%. I honestly feel that without your resources I don’t think I would have increased my score as much as I did. I ended up applying to my nursing program and got accepted! School starts Oct 1!!!" 

Stop feeling overwhelmed. 

Give your TEAS Prep the boost it needs. Start studying smarter.

Scored in the 99th Percentile

Antoinette, Prenursing Smarter Student 

"I just have to say thank you for creating this. I took my TEAS for the first time today and scored a 93% (that’s within the 99th percentile!).

I started studying in August and kept scoring in the 50-60% range. I purchased your 30 day plan and committed to utilizing your tips and tricks. I don’t think I would have scored as high if I didn’t have this."

scored above 90 on ati teas
pre-nursing student studying

Got a 92% and couldn't have done it without Prenursing Smarter

L, Prenursing Smarter Student 

"I took my TEAS exam yesterday and I received a 92%. I honestly couldn’t have done it without your program so I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your Prenursing Smarter program is absolutely amazing and tremendously helpful. While taking the exam, I kept hearing your voice in my head about the strategies to take and how to tackle each section. My goal was to score 90 and above and I am so happy to have reached it."


Meet Your Instructor

Kate Raiford, experienced educator

A few years ago, I was in your shoes... working a day job, going to school, and dreaming about nursing school.

I became a Nationally Registered EMT, volunteered in a Level 1 Trauma Center, and aced my pre-reqs. Ultimately, I decided to use my teaching superpowers to help more future nurses succeed.

I started Prenursing Smarter after teaching and tutoring in San Diego colleges. I'm a CRLA Level II Certified Tutor and former college instructor and tutor trainer.

Previously, I earned a master's degree from Northwestern University and a dual major bachelor's from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I'm an enrolled member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

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How long do I have access to this course?

It depends on your plan! The full plan is one year, but we also have different plans to meet your unique study needs. You can check your enrollment details in your dashboard's account.

All plans are available for a one-time payment. You do not need to worry about canceling an auto-renewal. If you need more time, we offer discounts for returning students. Full details are available in your student dashboard.

Does this cover the TEAS for 2021?

Yes! The program will help you prepare for the ATI TEAS®. If you are taking the TEAS in 2021, you are covered. We are currently updating the content for the 2022 TEAS changes.

What kind of support do I get?

You get SUPPORT! All enrolled students get email-based tutoring. Simply send an email through your student dashboard, and I (Kate) will personally respond to you within 2-business days (but I'm usually faster).

I'm happy to answer any questions, help you with a study plan, and provide pep talks.

Does this include Quizlet material?

You get access to the password-protected Quizlet study sets from the Quizlet account PrenursingSmarter.

The program does not include access to the paid sets from the account PrenursingSmarterPro, which are only available through the Quizlet Premium Content marketplace.

Do you offer any score guarantees?

Students increase their assessment scores by an average of 15 points. Since the program is self-paced without one-on-one instruction, Prenursing Smarter does not currently offer any score guarantees...but your success is the intended outcome!

Many of our past students have earned TEAS scores in the 80s and above. Self-reported score increases from students tend to be in the 10-point to 20-point improvement range.

What if I am unhappy with the program?

We want to make sure you are getting what you need. Please email us through your student dashboard, and we will do our best to make it right for you.

In general, since these are digital products, all purchases are non-refundable, but we'll review your request and may be able to issue a refund depending on the details of your purchase.

I need more time! Can I get a discount on a renewal?

Yes! All enrolled students can extend their plan for a discount. We have flexible renewal plans, starting with 7 extra days to a full year. Visit the Extensions section in your dashboard's Bonus Content for more details. If your enrollment expires before you are able to renew, please email us. We may be able to grant you an extension to the discounted enrollment plans.

I'm worried COVID-19 will affect my TEAS plans. Can you help?

Yes! We currently offer free pauses on all accounts. Simply send us email through your student dashboard, and we'll pause your account for free.

What accessibility accommodations are available?

We provide a mix of video, audio, text, and interactive lessons. The program includes:

  • Transcripts for audio lessons.
  • Closed captioning on video lessons.
  • Free plan pauses for when life happens.

In addition, our Learning Management System is actively working to improve accessibility features.

What if I have another question?

Awesome! I'm happy to answer any questions that you might have. Please email me at hello <at> prenursingsmarter <dot>. I'll do my best to respond within two business days, but I'm usually faster!


Stop feeling overwhelmed. 

Give your TEAS Prep the boost it needs. Start studying smarter.

"I passed with an 82%"

I just wanted to give you the good news! I took my TEAS yesterday and I passed with an 82%. I can’t believe it.  Your program really helped me a loooooot!!! I wish you could be my nursing school teacher. It would make things 1000 x’s easier. 

Angel - Prenursing Smarter Student

"I got in!!!!!"

I cannot thank you enough for your support and teaching! I took my test Saturday... drum roll please...86.7. The proctor gave me a thumbs up and a huge smile and said to be proud!!

Jennifer - Prenursing Smarter Student

"Passed with flying colors"

I just wanted to say one final thank you for this course. I have passed my TEAS with flying colors and will be submitting my applications for nursing school this week. I couldn’t have passed the TEAS without you and this course. I recommend it to ANYONE that is taking the TEAS.

Alex - Prenursing Smarter Student

"I got a 91.3%"

THANK YOU for your prep course! I found your site only 2 weeks before taking the TEAS and worked through all of the lessons and quizzes. I just took the test this weekend and got a 91.3%! Thanks for all of your helpful materials.

R. - Prenursing Smarter Student

Step-by-Step Lessons for Every TEAS Test Section

You get all this and more:

ati teas online lessons
ati teas science online lessons
ati teas math online lessons
teas online prep

"The structure & information provided in your course was honestly so helpful."

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make your TEAS course. I haven't taken Anatomy or Physio yet, and Math/Bio/Chem haven't been used in like 10 years lol. But I just got home from my first test attempt and managed an 82.3%. I'll be submitting my application to a Nursing program this fall :) The structure and information provided in your course was honestly so helpful.

Alex - Prenursing Smarter Student

Ready to study smarter?

Pick your plan and get started today!

"I got a 100% on the Math section."

Leslie increased her TEAS score by 29.5% after studying with Prenursing Smarter.

"I prioritized using your practice tests and reviewed just a few concepts from the lessons that corresponded to questions that I got wrong. Going into the exam on Oct 23, I was nervous and really just hoping to get above a 75%. The exam was a little easier than I expected, but the reading portion was rough... I'm happy to say that I improved my score to an 82.0! I got 100% on the Math portion, and saw an improvement on the Science portion, which I was very happy with.

My pre-nursing friends at other universities have asked me what resources that I used to study and I gave them a link to your website! Your study programs for the TEAS have made such an amazing impact on my TEAS score and the overall quality of this semester of remote learning. I look forward to contacting you months from now on my journey because your program has made such an impact on the start of my career path!"

Leslie - Prenursing Smarter Student

Enroll today!

Give your TEAS Test Prep the boost it needs. Start studying smarter.

Standardized testing is already a barrier. Finances shouldn't be another.

If you need help paying for TEAS Test Prep, please visit our assistance page.

Prenursing Smarter LLC is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC, of which the TEAS is a registered trademark.

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