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What are some key features of a reading passage with persuasive mode?

I’m doing currently doing the reading section. I’m doing the pre-quiz. This is the question: “What are some key features of a reading passage with persuasive mode? 

Answer choices are: 

A. Opinions 

B. The keyword “should”

C. A recommendation for the best course of action. 

D. A summary that indicates the best choice. 

E. An organizational structure that might be comparison — contrast or problem- solution.

 F. A passage that’s disguised as a different mode like narrative or expository. 

My question to you is why does F the answer choice fit for a persuasive story?

Great question! On the TEAS, persuasive passages can look like an academic essay or a story. Sometimes, the best way to try to change someone’s mind is to not tell them directly.

For example, a persuasive passage might have statistics or interviews with “experts,” but the goal is still to get the reader to have a specific thought or action. A persuasive passage that is disguised as another passage might have several sentences that give fact-based details, and only one or two sentences that are persuasive. But once there’s a persuasive argument, the passage is persuasive.

As another example, a passage might tell a story about how someone’s life was improved when they used a particular product. Though the passage might tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end, the passage’s goal would be to have readers buy that product. This is pretty common in advertising.

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