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Is the summary the last sentence of a TEAS passage?

Summaries are often toward the end of a passage (the collection of paragraphs). They might not be the very last sentences, however, so this makes them tricky! Generally speaking, here is the strategy to identify a summary:

  • Look at where each sentence for A, B, C, or D is. You might be able to rule out answer options just based on placement in the passage. For example, Option B might be a supporting detail because it is in the middle of a paragraph.
  • Next, look at the main idea of the remaining answer options. What is the overall passage saying? You might need to incorporate the main idea of the 1st paragraph and the 2nd.
  • Good summaries always contain the passage’s main idea. A passage can include more than 1 paragraph.
  • A good summary might not be directly stated in the passage. (And as a reminder, the right answer for a logical conclusion will likely never be in the passage!)
  • Check the passage’s title for clues to the main idea.

A good summary will include the main idea… but a summary sentence on the TEAS might not be “good.” A summary will be toward the end of the passage.

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