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Types of Sources

What's an atlas?

It’s a collection of maps.

What's an almanac?

It’s an annual collection of information like weather, moon phases, tides.

What's a memo?

It’s a type of note (usually informal) used in business.

What's a classified?

It’s an informational advertisement, usually with contact information.

What's an index?

It’s a collection of specific topics and page numbers, usually at the back of a book.

What's a table of contents?

It’s a list of general topics and general page numbers, usually at the start of a book.


Primary or Secondary Source?



Primary or Secondary Source?



Primary or Secondary Source?


Photographs in a textbook

Primary or Secondary Source?


Prehistoric artifact

Primary or Secondary Source?


Memoir Excerpt in a Newspaper

Primary or Secondary Source?


What's a subheading?

It’s the title of a subsection of passage.

What's a glossary?

It’s a collection of selected word definitions, usually in the back of a book.

What's a sidebar?

Always check sidebars on the TEAS!

It’s information pulled from the main text and usually put in the margin.

What's a footnote?

It’s detailed information, usually at the bottom of a text’s page.

What's an anthology?

It’s a collection of shorter, but related, texts.

What's typically included in a citation?

The author’s last name and the original source’s page number.

Types of TEAS Passages & Organization

Which passage is most like an academic essay?


Which passage tries to change the reader's mind?


Which passage tells a story?


Which passage gives directions?


Which passage details traits or characteristics?


Which passage is based in opinion?


Which type relies heavily on facts?


Which type might contain dialogue?


What type of organization would a procedural passage likely have?


As a result...

What type of organization might contain this phrase?

Cause & Effect

On the other hand...

What type of organization might contain this phrase?

Compare & Contrast

It is obvious that...

What type of passage might contain this phrase?


Passage Structure

Where is a summary?

Toward the end of the passage

A summary is the last sentence.

True or False?


On the TEAS, the last sentence might be purposefully confusing.

What must the summary always contain?

The topic and main idea

It might also include a call to action.

What's a topic?

The passage's subject matter

What's a main idea?

The author's point about the topic

What's a theme?

A repeated message or idea in a passage

What's a supporting detail?

Evidence for the main idea

Where are supporting details concentrated?

In the middle of the passage

Where is the theme developed?

Throughout the entire passage

What's a controlling idea?

It's another name for the main idea.

What's a topic sentence?

A sentence that states the key idea of a body paragraph

What's a passage mode?

It's the same thing as a passage type.