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What Is Prenursing Smarter?

Imagine having everything you need to score higher on the TEAS 6—online, organized, and comprehensive. That’s my goal for you here.

Hi, I’m Kate, and I’d like to welcome you to Prenursing Smarter!

This website is the product of hundreds of hours spent teaching busy pre-nursing students how to increase their ATI TEAS® score. A former college instructor, I taught an incredibly popular college review course filled with busy, high-achieving students who already tried all the TEAS products on the market and still wanted more.

Would you love to study smarter and score higher on the TEAS 6?


Meet Kate

Hi, I'm Kate!
Hi, I'm Kate!Founder, Prenursing Smarter
I want to show you how to study like a 4.0 student and awesome test taker. You will learn strategies that simplify material and give you a study system.

Get an inside look inside my teacher’s playbook—and use these strategies for life. Even if you are pressed for time with a full plate—I’ll show you how to study smarter so that you can score higher on the TEAS 6.

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This site is inspired by years of teaching and tutoring. The goal is to help you study with confidence, conveniently.

As a college instructor, I taught a popular TEAS review course. The class filled up quickly. Many students were adults returning to school for a career change—already busy with work, family, and prerequisites.

To help these busy students succeed, I developed material beyond the minimum standards recommended by my school district and targeted areas where I saw students having the most difficulty. The result? Custom lessons and study guides that my students loved.

Despite the popularity of the course, I knew there had to be a better way. The class met at night—students drove through rush hour traffic, gave up time with their families, and had to balance already full schedules.

I imagined a TEAS review course that was more convenient, more affordable, and more customizable. I’ve used my professional teaching experience and education to create a unique TEAS 6 prep program, Prenursing Smarter.

The goal is for you to have an online study resource that is fun, interactive, and available 24/7.

You can learn what you need to know for the TEAS 6 with no guesswork or scrambling across the Internet to supplement your study guides. Everything is in one place. Everything is organized. Everything you need is here. And you can wear your pajamas!

  • Available 24/7 on any device: computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Completely updated in 2016 for the new version of the test
  • Fully adaptable to your schedule and study areas
  • Comprehensive lessons, study guides, and cheat sheets
  • Tons of practice questions, quizzes, and a full-length exam

You are welcome to check out my wealth of free materials. I add more regularly! You’ll find more practice problems, more time-saving strategies, and more lessons to help you study smarter and score higher.

You can quiz yourself with more than 150 flashcards on key vocabulary and practice questions for each TEAS section. You can learn more about test-taking strategy specifically for the TEAS 6 on my blog.

You’re also welcome to check out all the details of my course by clicking here. When you sign up, you can learn more about the courses so that you can see if they are a good fit for you. You can get familiar with my teaching style–and you’ll also get access to content I don’t release anywhere else.

The course grew and expanded in 2017 to include more than 50 subject modules, including two practice exams, hours of video lessons, and a comprehensive anatomy and physiology section. Exciting changes are coming throughout 2018!

Kate has always loved studying smarter. She earned a master’s degree in journalism from Northwestern University. Her undergraduate degree is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she double majored in genetics and agricultural journalism. Kate has top-notch study skills. She earned a 4.0 in every journalism class, worked in a top genetics lab, received merit scholarships, and regularly landed on the Dean’s List.

Popular Tutor With Years of Experience

Kate began tutoring as a teenager, helping middle school students with math. She continued tutoring in graduate school, tutoring high school math and helping her friends write papers (including personal statements that scored law school scholarships).

Kate continued her love of tutoring and teaching through her professional work in colleges. She is Level II CRLA Internationally Certified tutor, which is a specialized certification for post-secondary education tutors. She has advanced training in online learning and tutoring English language learners. Kate’s expertise as a tutor led her to training and managing a team of college tutors.

College Instructor and Course Developer

In addition to teaching a TEAS review course, Kate developed a popular writing workshop for nursing students. She also taught and tutored police academy cadets in writing. Kate believes that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their professional goals, and she’s passionate about helping students break through academic challenges and succeed.

Kate has worked with college students fresh out of high school and adults coming back to school after years of employment. She’s taught full-time students, busy parents, firefighters, CNAs and LVNs. Kate understands the time pressures and the challenges of returning to school—and fitting school into a busy schedule. She creates material based on what works best for her students, and she’s excited to share these strategies with you!

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