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Is “everyone” singular or plural?

“Everyone know that ghosts don’t exist”
It says it is incorrect for subject verb agreement. Can you explain why?
I thought everyone is always singular so wouldn’t know also be singular?

You ask an excellent question!

Yes, everyone is singular. The singular form of know is knows.

For example…She knows the right answer. (singular – one person knows)
They know the right answer. (plural – several people know)

Singular verbs are weird because they end in an -s. For nouns, an -s would mean they are plural.

This goes back to the Rule of One S. For regular nouns and regular verbs, if the noun doesn’t have an -s, then the verb does. If the verb ends in an -s, then the noun doesn’t.

This is covered in lesson Tricky Subjects and Collective Nouns.

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