How To Use TEAS 6 Practice Tests

Practice tests are probably the vertebral column, er, backbone (anatomy joke!) of your TEAS studying. You probably downloaded apps, bought books filled with practice exams, did free questions on the Internet, and maybe bought online practice exams, too.

All good, right?

Well, maybe.

Here’s the deal: practice tests are a wonderful study tool when used correctly. The problem is, most pre-nursing students don’t use them like they should.

Think back to a hard class you had in college, like chemistry or anatomy. How did the instructor teach it? Did you show up in class and just do random drills all day?

“Identify this bone! What does the pepsinogen do? Where is acetylcholine released? Now identify this other bone! Oh, and P.S., what is a complex sentence?”

My goodness, I hope that’s not how you were taught! Instead, your instructor probably did several things:

  • Planned in-depth lectures
  • Explained important concepts in detail
  • Explained important concepts in detail
  • Gave you the opportunity to take notes
  • Let you ask questions
  • Assigned worksheets for practice on your own time

THEN, only after all that, did you take a test. You didn’t spend the semester practicing random questions from the final exam. You worked your way up to the final.

The TEAS is like a huge final.

You need to dive deep, relearn (or maybe learn) material, memorize, and get very comfortable with certain topics. (If you want to read more about identifying what you need to memorize or dive deep into, click here!)

Plus, taking practice exams won’t really teach you strategy. The ATI TEAS is a race against time, and most students benefit from learning specific time-saving strategies (hello, math and reading sections!).

Look, apps are great. Practice questions, awesome. Practice exams, fantastic. Just don’t rely completely on practice exams for your studying. My Outsmart the TEAS 6 course shows you the exact step-by-step formula I recommend to students so that they get the most out of their practices tests.

You’ll learn exactly when–and how–to take practice tests in order to score your best. You’ll also get a full-length practice exam that will help you organize your studying. By the way, my practice exam is more than a basic exam. It will help you identify what I call High-Value Concepts and will teach you strategy. If you don’t already have access, please feel free to check it out! (P.S. There’s even a free trial version!)

Just remember that practice tests are tools, not answers. Use them strategically.