Guess Smarter, Score Higher

You will probably need to guess on a few questions on the TEAS. Since there’s no penalty for wrong answers, you want to answer every question—no matter how wildly you are guessing.

You can score higher by guessing smarter.

Applying the process of elimination smartly can help you. In my courses, I teach students the smarter way of eliminating answers—including specific strategies for each section.

You can learn specific steps to increase your chance of selecting the correct answer. Because when you eliminate just one answer, you’ve increased your odds of the right answer to 33 percent. Yay!

A Smarter Process of Elimination

  • Eliminate answer options only when you have a reason. Cross an answer out only when you can say, “This option is wrong because _________.” You’ll want to do this because, on the TEAS, wrong answers are designed to look correct. Don’t fall for their traps!
  • Eliminate obviously wrong answers. On the TEAS, you might see an answer that is just totally, absolutely wrong. Eliminate it! Don’t start second guessing yourself that it might be right. Consider it a gift and move on.
  • Look for two answers that seem very similar. Odds are, one of them is the right answer. That’s now a 50 percent chance of the right answer! Even better!
  • If you can’t eliminate an answer, pick one at random, write the number on your scrap paper, and move on. Save your precious seconds for questions you might get right. If you have time, come back.
  • Go with your gut. Every time. Go with your gut.

In my courses, you will learn more about the smarter way of eliminating answers–including specific strategies for every TEAS section. Today, I want to share a tip that can work for every section.

When you get to the testing center, you’ll get a few moments to prep at your computer. You should also be given a few sheets of scrap paper.

Take a piece of paper and write out several groups of A, B, C, Ds.

When you get a question where you must use the process of elimination, use your A, B, C, Ds and physically cross them out.

You can even use your finger to point at the screen and say, “This is wrong.” Then, cross it out on your paper.

You might feel a little silly, but this will help your mind work more efficiently. Computerized tests can be tricky because we’re so used to pencil-and-paper tests with your body involved. Using a piece of paper like this will help you stay organized. It will also help you relax because your body will feel more in control.

Practice with strategy while you take practice tests. Answer every question—and keep calm when you see a question that seems random.