Guess Smarter, Score Higher

You will probably need to guess on a few questions on the TEAS. Since there’s no penalty for wrong answers, you want to answer every question—no matter how wildly you are guessing. You can score higher by guessing smarter. Applying the process of elimination smartly can help you. In my courses, I teach students the smarter [...]

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Should You Guess on the TEAS?

You know that feeling when you are taking a hard exam and you’re already nervous, and then you see one of THOSE questions? You’re not sure what the question even asks... Time ticks away... You can’t figure out the answer... It’s either A or B…. Or maybe C. UGH!! Isn’t that feeling the worst!? And the [...]

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How To Predict Questions on the TEAS 6

Wouldn’t you love a crystal ball to tell you exactly what you’ll see on the TEAS 6? Well, my crystal ball is in the shop at the moment. But do have a formula for you. It won't tell you the future, but it will help you see the full picture more clearly. Here’s the formula to [...]

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